For your scheduled shipments within Europe we offer

  • Transport of your small consignment up to the complete load
  • prompt offer with fair prices - contact us at!
  • complete shipment monitoring of your transport.

Carbon neutral

Unfortunately, CO2 emissions occur again and again, which cannot be avoided. We try to reduce these as much as possible by

  • support international projects of ClimatePartner (can be viewed here at any time)
  • continuously expand our route optimisation programme and thus provide additional
  • Reduce empty runs
  • Comprehensive waste separation and
  • Carry out comprehensive recycling



Heavy lift

General cargo

Groupage freight

Refrigerated goods transport

Special goods

Cargo traffic

Scheduled material

Warehouse logistics

Pallet distribution


Company profile

The forwarding company Verotrans was established in 1997 and offers to companies at home and abroad individual solutions in the field of logistics, warehousing and transport. The focus of our activities is on the national and international long-distance transport, as well as on the carrying out of heavy and special transports. The state-of-the-art communication technology supports the work of our team, to your advantage.

Daily scheduling and short response times are our plus for you. As a service provider, we strive to constantly improve our services and adapt them to your needs. Therefore, we conduct an open customer dialog and give great importance to internal organisation and communication..


Name: Pia Enk
Tätigkeit: Verrechnung/Buchhaltung
Tel: 43 02236 27461 28

Name: Cornelia Hijszeler
Tätigkeit: Buchhaltung/Verrechnung
Tel: 43 02236 27461 26

Name: Ramona Volentir
Tätigkeit: Frächter / Fahrerbetreuung
Tel: 43 02236 27461 29
Mobil: 43 (0) 664 1267993

Name: Biljana Miletic
Tätigkeit: Paletten-Schadensabteilung
Tel: 43 02236 27461 25

Name: Thomas Pfundner
Tätigkeit: Dispositon
Tel: 43 02236 27461 22
Mobil: 43 (0) 664 8851 1644

Name: Stefan Fasching
Tätigkeit: Dispositon
Tel: 43 02236 27461 23
Mobil: 43 (0) 664 3217071

Name: Gero Herner
Tätigkeit: Geschäftsführer
Tel: 43 02236 27461 21


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2355 Wr. Neudorf

Tel: +43 2236 27 461
Fax: +43 2236 27 461 11
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